Environmental Health Services

Council's Environmental Health Officer is responsible for and able to assist with the following: 

Food Safety

Assessment of registered food premises within the Shire for compliance with the Food Act 2008 and the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code. Activities such as food sampling, bacterial swabbing and educational seminars may also occur as required to ensure food businesses are doing their best to provide safe food to the public. If you would like to open a food business within the Shire, it is a requirement of the Food Act 2008 that you notify the Shire and are registered. To notify please contact or visit the Shire office.

The Shire of Kulin supports the safe handling of food. All food handlers are encouraged to participate in a free interactive online food safety training provided by the Environmental Health Australia.

Welcome to FoodSafe Online

Food businesses can now have their employees undertake the FoodSafe Online course free of charge - go to FoodSafe Online Course

Simply click "add a coupon," enter the discount code “FSKULIN329” and click "apply" to access the course for free.

Onsite Effluent Disposal

Assessment and approval of Applications to Construct or Install an Apparatus for the Treatment of Sewage for residents that are not connected to the town’s sewerage system. A permit to use the installed system is also required before use can occur. Download the Septic Tank Application form HERE

If you would like your newly installed apparatus inspected and approved for use, please contact the Shire or EHO directly to arrange a site visit.


Council’s EHO inspects all unlicensed public accommodation facilities such as motels, hostels and caravan parks, within the Shire to check that health and safety standards comply and guests enjoy a clean and safe stay.

Accommodation that houses more than six unrelated people must be registered by the Shire as a Lodging House. If you are the keeper of an unregistered lodging house or wish to open a lodging house, please contact the Shire for application forms and a copy of the applicable Health Local Law.

Applications for temporary accommodation of movable dwellings (such as caravans) on private land or any land outside the Caravan Park (with the exception of the RV Friendly Area arrangements) can be applied for at the Kulin Shire. Download the Application Form HERE.

Nuisances, Pests, Asbestos Containing Materials, Unauthorised Discharges

Investigate any observed or reported nuisances within the community that may affect the health of residents or visitors to the Shire. Dust, pests such as rodents, feral cats, mosquitoes, damaged or broken asbestos containing materials and unauthorised discharges which may contain chemicals or hydrocarbons, effluent or wastewater could cause health problems in the community.Please report any nuisance, health hazard or unauthorised discharge to the Shire for investigation.

Skin Penetration, Beauty Therapy, and Hairdressing Premises

Assessment of all skin penetration and hairdressing premises to ensure that all procedures are carried out in a hygienic manner which will prevent the transmission of infection and disease. If you would like to start a business that performs skin penetration procedures or a hair dressing salon, please contact the Shire to make an appointment with the EHO.

Recreational and Drinking Water Quality

Taking water samples of public swimming pool waters and any non-scheme potable water from sources which are intended for public use and consumption. This monitoring ensures that the water residents and visitors of the Shire swim in and consume is safe and free of harmful bacteria and other pathogens.


Enforcment of the Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations 1997.  This is to protect the residents of the Shire from the stress and irritation caused by unreasonable noise from parties, music, construction, specialised equipment and other sources. The Shire encourages residents to communicate their concerns to neighbours or workers responsible for creating unreasonable noise in their neighbourhood, however if you would like to make a confidential noise complaint, you can call or visit the Shire office.

Public Building Safety

Assessment of all public buildings within the Shire for compliance with the Health (Public Buildings) Regulations 1992 where applicable. The purpose of this is to ensure that places where people gather have the appropriate fire safety equipment, safe egress paths, adequate ablutions and can have enough room to accommodate members of the public. Public Buildings include pubs, clubs, halls, gymnasiums and even temporary events such as outdoor concerts, circuses and the Kulin Bush Races. All public buildings, permanent or temporary, and any extensions and alterations are required to be approved by Council’s EHO. Please contact the Shire for application forms.

Swimming Pool and Spa Safety Barrier Assessments

Assessment of private swimming pool and spa security barriers within the townsites of the Shire. The barriers are required to comply with Australian Standard 1926.1-1993. The purpose for having a compliant barrier is to prevent access of young children into the pool area and potential drowning. The Shire is required approve and keep a register of swimming pools and spas and inspect the barriers at least once every four years. If you have an unauthorised swimming pool or spa, would like to install one, or would like to arrange a security barrier inspection, please contact the Shire to arrange an appointment.