Felix (Phil) & Kath Freebairn

The Freebairn Estate is a legacy in Kulin and has provided funding for excellent sporting facilities to be established in Kulin.

Felix (Phil) Freebairn was a Councillor with the Shire of Kulin (formerly the Kulin Road Board) from 1946-1961 and within this time he held the position of Chairman (1949-1951).

Phil and Kath Freebairn bequeathed funds to the Shire of Kulin with an absolute discretion “for or towards the improvement or maintenance of the Kulin Greater Sport Grounds and the Kulin Swimming Pool and the encouragement of assistance generally of public recreation and sport of all description with in and around the Kulin town site.”

The funds have enabled the Shire of Kulin to provide the Freebairn Sports Foundation. The purpose of the Foundation is to make scholarships available to Kulin residents who achieve a State or International level in their chosen sport or recreation activity. The funds have also contributed to the purchase of the 183m slide, which is located at the Kulin Aquatic Centre. Without the foresight and bequeathment of funds by the Freebairns, the Shire of Kulin would not have been able to provide these wonderful facilities.

The Freebairn Estate, has to date benefited residents of the Kulin community through the following projects:

Freebairn Recreation Centre 

 $600, 000
Waterslide  $335, 390
Synthetic Bowling Green          $200, 000
Synthetic Tennis Courts       $15, 256
Sports Ground Entrance Upgrade    $14, 458