Modifications to the Harvest Mass Management Scheme

Published on Monday, 1 January 2018 at 8:32:00 PM

New access arrangements were introduced to address first and last mile access issues for the forecasted bumper harvest.  While these arrangements enabled larger Restricted Access Vehicles (RAVs) to cart grain from the farm gate to the bins, the arrangements needed to be strengthened to ensure both transport operators and Main Roads could also meet their legal and road safety obligations

HVS has been working with industry representatives to develop and introduce minor changes to the RAV access arrangements for the 2018-2019 harvest season.  These changes have now been finalised and are outlined below.

A requirement for the transport operator or farmer to submit their HMMS Road List Form to Main Roads identifying;

  • the RAV Category Vehicle to be used
  • All road(s) from the paddock to the nearest road approved for RAV Network Access being used to transport grain
  • All road(s) used to return to the paddock after delivering grain to a participating grain receiver.
  • Heavy Vehicle Services will then conduct a preliminary assessment of the roads nominated on the HMMS Road List form to ensure they are safe for the proposed operation. If deemed safe, we will endorse the HMMS Road List and specify any access conditions, if necessary.

Main Roads is accepting and accessing roads list now.  

Further details of the scheme, along with the Business Rules, supporting documents and registration forms can be found at

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